update 0.43


This is probably the biggest update I've done so far. 

I've been working on a lot of bugs, but I've also improved and completed all the systems of the game. 

There are new effects, feedback improvements, animations, sound effects, new meshes... but most of all the game is playable from start to finish, only the final level is not fully implemented.

We can say that the game is really in beta stage. 

This is a really important step for this side project that I've been working on alone for a while now.

The next steps, which separate the game from a full release, are the implementation of the save system, a qualitative improvement of the whole game and of course a ruthless bug hunt!

I hope that the game experience will be up to the expectations, and even more than usual the comments and feedbacks of beta-testers are important in this final stretch! 


PurpleNoiseEcho_0_43_mac.zip 68 MB
Jul 02, 2021
PurpleNoiseEcho_0_43_win.zip 58 MB
Jul 02, 2021

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