Release !

This is it!!! 

Purple Noise Echo is officially released today !

Purple Noise Echo was born from the desire to tell the story of wandering in a hostile environment, the need to understand to cross the world.
Its references come both from literature regarding the notion of group whose members have particular skills, but also from board games where the environment is built and changes in front of the players. 
The first prototype was in fact a board game.

The design of Purple Noise Echo has never been guided by the needs of the market, it's the fruit of a free and personal path which in the end produces an experience that mixes genres and that I myself have difficulty classifying. 

The game is far from perfect, it could perhaps benefit from more complexity content, but I believe I have managed to reduce it to its core. And, by building from there on a reduced scope, to give it a unity, to make it a whole that I am satisfied with.

I hope it will be appreciated for what it is.
If you do so, please let people know about it, and share your feedback.

Enjoy the game!

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