Update 0.33

This is the first update after EA launch on Steam, the Indie Game Factory & IndieCade Europe events.

It focuses on optimization, bug fixes (mainly related to unit behavior) and UX.

One of the things that has come out of the feedback over the last few days is the difficulty some players have in understanding some of the game's mechanisms. It's a game where you have to discover the potential of the gameplay as you go by, but I'm working to make it as understandable as possible is this and the next updates.

[Optimization] Rewriting a part of the grid and the behavior code
[Bug fix] Units leaving the levels did not update the position of the tiles.
[Bug fix] The path between keys and doors was no longer highlighted.
[Bug fix] The units' behavior was blocked when they had no possible movement.
[Bug fix] Tracking a companion's behavior has an incorrect calculation path
[Bug fix] The follow behavior in sticky mode tends to go on the same tile as Node.
[Gameplay] The follow behavior of the companion is now set to "sticky" by default.
[Gameplay] The energy is recharged to a minimum of 50% when entering a new level.
[UI] New cursor implementation
[UI] The tile highlights have a new design and behavior
[UI] The "Re-Sync" alert is no longer useful and has been deleted.
[Design] The doors now have a more closed design
[Design] Redesign of "tutorial" levels to be more concentrated and compartmentalized


PurpleNoiseEcho_0_33_mac..zip 63 MB
Oct 22, 2019
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Oct 22, 2019

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