Update 0.34

This update focuses on optimization and ergonomics.

The most notable change is the way energy is consumed when performing a displacement action. Until now, each movement has consumed a little energy. From now on, by default, units will no longer consume energy when moving, unless they are injured. The more damaged they are, the more energy they lose. 

In addition to that and bug fixes, I tried to improve the readability and balance of the colors. It is still a work in progress....

- Change in the logic of energy consumption on unit movements.
- When Node moves before the companions reach their target destination, their new path is now calculated correctly.
- When a companion a level, the accessibility of the tiles is correctly recalculated.
- When a companion is selected and a plugin is added to the grid is now reset.
- In sticky mode, if a companion does not have a direct path to Node, he looks for the tile as close as possible to Node.


PurpleNoiseEcho_0_34_mac.zip 62 MB
Nov 09, 2019
PurpleNoiseEcho_0_34_win.zip 60 MB
Nov 09, 2019

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