update 0.8

Long time since I post a log...

Many things have changed in the game since last devlog. 
I mostly worked on the UI and improving the understanding of game mechanics without saying too much.
And I tried to make the experience rythme smoother.

There's still a lot to do...

Here are some of the main changes :

  • Changed the readability of all UI element
  • Added some animation on the UI
  • Changed the HUD disposition
  • Unit are no longer clickable - only the tiles are
  • Added Cinenemachine to my camera control
  • Tweak a lot the downtime on units - Node do not have any downtime anymore
  • Changed Units's textures
  • Added some new 3D models for units and props
  • Tried a new lightning setup
  • Added a some post-processing effects
  • Added some new effect to give feedback on unit behaviors and mutations
  • Changed the texts
  • ... and a lot of tweaks and debug...


purple_noise_echo.0.8.MacOS 26 MB
Jan 12, 2018
PurpleNoiseEcho.0.8.Win 21 MB
Jan 12, 2018

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