update 0.12 - 0.13 - 0.14

I didn't post any log for the last updates so here are 3 in a row :


  • I changed the mouse sensitivity, it appears that it was way to high for most of pc.
  • The "intro text" wont be displayed again if you hit restart.
  • I start to implement saves, the game is saved each time you enter a new level.
    I you die or hit restart the game will reset it's state a the last check point.
    I think i will stay on this "one slot checkpoint save" model. 
    For now saves are not written on disk so if you quit the game or go back to the main menu all will be lost.
    This save implementation forced me to refactor lots of things... 
  • Unit handle by the IA wont go on tiles that have plugins or ressources. The game experience feels smoother that way.
  • I tried a new way to show defense and attack values on the units, it seems it's not the good solution yet...


  • Added the WASD/ZQSD key for the camera - in addition of the arrow key already binded.
  • I change the way the "Move Tile" menu is displayed. It should be more readable.


  • Fixe an issue where some datas were not cleared after a restart.
  • Fixe an issue where player's units will freeze while collecting ressources.

I had a really useful playtest session last week, and a lot of new ideas and solutions for stuff i was struggling with came up. 
I'll try to implement most of them in the coming days.
And for now on i'll try to push a new build every week !


purple_noise_echo.0.14_mac.zip 42 MB
Jun 29, 2018
purple_noise_echo.0.14_win.zip 35 MB
Jun 29, 2018

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