update 0.15

Back to work, summer vacations are over !

Here's 0.15.

I'll try to keep a regular cycle for updates for now on.

One of my biggest challenge right now is to make the game more accessible and more understandable while keeping everything at the minimum. I really want that the player discover the game mecanics by himself, so i try to find the correct balance between explanation and diegetic. 

Level design will be essential but it needs the right tools.

To do so, i've changed a lot a things on the UI and tried to expose datas as visualy as possible.

- the main buttons design have changed.
- the main UI have been reorganised
- active plugings are now exposed on the main screen 
- availaible slots for unit are now exposed on the main screen 
- strucure and shield points are now more visual into the unit cards
- all numeric datas are now displayed only in the "units.config" screen
- attack, defense and structure values are now graphicaly displayed on the units themselves. 
- there's now an holo projection for the "move tile" skill, so it's easier to predict the result of the action

Beside that i've...
- add a new type of tiles - white ones, witch are passable but can't be moved
- rearranged partialy the 3 first levels
- updated a lot of unity related things 
- changed some ligthing and color setups whith the new Post-Processing stack
- adjuted the camera bondaries
- and obviously tried to fix a lot of bugs on existing systems.

I still have a lot to do regarding understanding and handling the game, but hopefully it's on the good path.

Do not hesitate to send feedbacks, it's always usefull !


purple_noise_echo.0.15_win.zip 35 MB
Aug 25, 2018
purple_noise_echo.0.15_mac.zip 41 MB
Aug 25, 2018

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