update 0.16

On this update I tried to continue the changes I've made in the previous update.

Here's a quick list :

- I rearrange the HUD to make things more aesthetic and readable. I try to avoid noise as much as possible.
- I changed the library I use for all my tween, so hopefully the game is much smoother.
- I redesign the plugins props, it should fit better and prevent this weird situation where units just go throught them.
- I add an ESC key handler on most situation.

Beside that I made the choice not to display the "move" button anymore. It was confusing for a lot of people.
Now the buttons in the bottom menu only shows actions that come with skills (plugins).
The move action become the default behavior. 

As always feedbacks are much appreciated.



purple_noise_echo.0.16_mac.zip 42 MB
Aug 31, 2018
purple_noise_echo.0.16_win.zip 36 MB
Aug 31, 2018

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