update 0.18

In this update I tried to adresse a lot of different issues. The game will be at 2 different events in the next days so all my work was done with this in mind. 
There is not much of new content, but i hope that game experience is way better.

So beside all the small changes and tweaks :

- I added a prefs menu with a slider for mouse sensitivity. 

- I re-write most of the texts and add a new layer adding a voice that talks directly to the player. It will be a kind of guide through the story, like a beacon that pull the player deeper into the levels.  
I try not put too much text in the game, and i wanted to avoid adressing the player directly but I think this voice will be necessary.

- I changed some meshes and add new props. 

- I changed some effects and tweaks lights.

- I  added the first iteration of the global map. For now it just update when the player reach a new level. In the futur it will give more info about the progression into the levels themselves. 

- I modified the shape of the existing level a bit.

I hope this build is stable enough so I can now focus on new levels and story.

Thanks again for playing this game.


purple_noise_echo.0.18_mac.zip 43 MB
Oct 09, 2018
purple_noise_echo.0.18_win.zip 37 MB
Oct 09, 2018

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