update 0.27

Because most of the people breaks the links to the companions while moving units too fast, I change the way link's distance is handle.
Now, if a companion is too far away after an action, it have one move to try to regroup. 
If this move isn't enougth then the link will break.
I also added a option to choose if a companion need to try to stay in a close range or just need to have a membre of the group in sight.
The consequence of this is that when you move only Node the rest of the group will follow automaticaly accordingly to the distance rule.

I fixe a bunch of bug and tweak some stuff.


purple_noise_echo.0.27_mac.zip 56 MB
Apr 14, 2019
purple_noise_echo.0.27_win.zip 54 MB
Apr 14, 2019

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