Update 0.0.3

[ui] - New "move tile" action icons.

[ui] - While "active pause" is on, stored actions are now notified by a icon in front of the unit card.

[ui] - Energy running low should be more obvious.

[ui] - New design for the ressources in stock.

[ui] - Action cost are now visible directly on the action buttons.

[ui] - Actions that cost more ressources than possible are now disabled.

[ui] - Abort action button should works.

[gameplay] - Collecting ressources is no longer a action. If a unit stands on a ressource spot, refill is automatic.

[gameplay] - There is now a maximum value to the ressources you can stock. This value will be upgradable with "blueprints".

[gameplay] - The defenses bonus given by the proximity of a team member now works, decreasingly, on a distance of 2 tiles.

[misc.] - There is now a - temporary - basic menu to quit or restart the game.


PurpleNoiseEcho-0-0-3-mac.zip 16 MB
May 14, 2017
PurpleNoiseEcho-0-0-3-win.zip 11 MB
May 14, 2017

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